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Guide to Baltimore, Maryland

I lived in Baltimore for a few years with my boyfriend throughout college and a little after. We lived in a cozy high-rise in downtown Baltimore. Our time there will always be close to our hearts. There was something rough, but perfect about it, and I wouldn't change anything about our time there. As a former local, we definitely made our way around. Below are some of the top things we enjoyed doing and places we ate at during our time living in the city!

When to Go

The best time to visit Baltimore is year-around. The weekends are popular and the inner harbor can get busy, but it never feels over crowded. The summer is preferred because you can walk around the city and enjoy an afternoon at federal hill basking in the sun. On the

other hand, the winter is nice because there are hardly any crowds, especially on weekdays, and during the holidays there is a lovely Christmas market to walk through and get some mulled wine and roasted nuts!

Things to Do

1. Inner-harbor Site-Seeing: World Trade Center, Paddle boats, & Barnes and Noble: If you want to see panoramic views of the city, the world trade center is place is the best for them.

For a small fare, you can take the elevator to the top and see the entire city. On a summer day, take out one of the dinosaur paddle boats for a ride around the harbor. If you're trying to cool down or get warm, take a walk inside the iconic Barnes and Nobles. This actually used to be an indoor six flags, there's a Starbucks on the second floor along with some more views of the city.

2. Federal Hill Park: This park is stunning and allows for picturesque views of the city. It's about a 10 minute walk from the inner harbor. It's worth the steps and 100% should be at the top of your to-do list while in Baltimore.

3. Cycling: With the newly added bike lanes and bike share programs there are plenty of ways to get around. It's a great way to explore while also getting exercise! The inner harbor area is surprisingly accessible by bike, so it's definitely a memorable way to spend a few hours. You can ride along the water as well and take that all the way down past Fells Points and into Canton.

4. Visit the Aquarium or Zoo: If it's a rainy day, the aquarium is a great way to spend a few hours! It's massive and located right in downtown. The change out some of the exhibits, so you always get something new. If it's sunny out, then take an Uber up to the Baltimore Zoo. This one costs money, but it's very spread out and has a lot to offer. It's much less crowded than a typical city zoo, and they have a diverse set of animals to see!

5. Museums: The Walters Art Museum & American Visionary Art Museum: The Walters Art Museum is a gem! It's a free museum situated between downtown and Mount Vernon; it's only a short walk away from the inner harbor. They often change out exhibits and we got to see some beautiful Faberge eggs during our last visit there. If you're looking for a different type of art-style, then check out the American Visionary Art Museum. There are some incredible displays and unique perspectives to be found there.

6. Party at Power Plant Live or in Fells Point: There isn't a huge nightlife to Baltimore, but I found plenty of ways to take my friends out when they visited me! Power Plant Live is a collection of bars all in one venue. There is something for everyone and they often have live concerts and shows happening as you hop from bar-to-bar. If you're not into the clubbing scene, then venture out to Fells Point and check out the bars there (Horse You Came in On Saloon is always a popular one!).

7. Weekend Brunch: Our favorite common pastime: brunch! One of the things we miss most about Baltimore is the amazingly cheap food! Of course there is always expensive food to be found in any large city, but most of our local favorites were affordable and delicious. We're talking $2-$3 mimosas and $6-$8 large entrees with sides. That's hard to beat, we recommend avoiding inner harbor and the bougie restaurants of Fells Points. Try searching for food in downtown, mount vernon, and federal hill for great prices.

Where to Eat

If there's one thing we loved more than anything, it was eating out! Here's a list of our top favorite food places where we we're consistent regulars for different occasions.

  1. Brunch - For a fancy weekend brunch, we always took our friends to Barcocina because of the waterfront view and classy atmosphere. Their bottomless mimosas are amazing and strong! If you're looking for a causal brunch place with great prices, try our local favorite Irish bar, Mick O' Sheas. We went here several times a week and consistently enjoyed the food and prices.

  2. Happy hour - Nowhere else in the city compares to Brewers Art when it comes to amazing drinks. The atmosphere is hip and young and the drinks are amazing and affordable. Try the Resurrection if you're adventurous!

  3. Late-Night (or any time) - This is a complete understatement, but Ekiben is seriously some of the BEST food you'll ever have. This asian fusion non-chain takeout bistro is so good it hurts. If you're vegan, you have to try the tofu! It is literally the best tofu you'll ever have in your life. Also, their fried chicken sandwich is incredibly delicious too.

  4. Dinner - If you're in the federal hill neighbohood, check out Banditos for some hip mexican food. I dont eat pork anymore, but when i did, I couldn't get enough of their pork belly tacos!


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