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Transforming photos
Adobe Lightroom Editing & Photoshop Touch-ups

Moody Fall Edit + Removal of unwanted objects

Seam together 2 separate photos to create 1 + editing

Through Adobe Photoshop I can help extract, layer, and combine specific elements or components of subjects from separate photos onto a single photo layer. In this example, I preferred the dog's face and my face looking outward, but liked the way my dress fell in the second photo. I worked with the second photo as the base layer and i cut the top section of me and the dog from the first photo to paste over the second. I also extended the dress to cover more of my legs. I then peformed lightening and editing through Adobe Lightroom to enhance the photo.


Photo Retouching & Editing

I can assist with culling and editing of photos. This can oftentimes be a tedious process, but I enjoy selecting the highest quality photos and then bringing them to life through enhanchment and fine-tuning.

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