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2019 mini cooper s convertible in carribean blue

Life with a MINI Cooper

MINI Coopers are awesome cars and i've had the joy of owning 2 of them! My first MINI was the 2019 MINI Cooper S Convertible in carribean blue. It was the funnest and cutest car I had ever driven. I had the top down everyday the sun was out and I felt a lot more connected to nature by being immersed in it. There really is nothing more luxorious than having a nice convertbile. I upgraded the convertible after moving to Colorado and enduring the winter months there. I was frustrated with not being able to drive to ski resorts and I needed more space for my dog. My lifestyle changed a lot during covid, and I needed something to keep up with that. Now I happily enjoy taking my MINI countryman around the US with my dog. It's been a safe and fun way for us to explore the outdoors. Since i'm short, i'm able to car camp in my MINI as well.

Dog in a blue Mini cooper convertible with the top down
2019 MINI Cooper S Convertible in carribean blue with the top down in Colorado
A cute dog in sunglasses in a convertible with the top down

MINI Cooper S Convertible

2020 BLUE mini cooper countrman in Arches National Park
2020 blue MINI cooper s countryman in Grand Tetons National park
2020 blue MINI cooper s countryman at night
dog hanging outside the window in MINI COOPER in Red Rocks
2020 blue MINI cooper s countryman with cargo box in Hoh Rainforest
dog hanging outside car window in arches national park utah
DSC05593 copy.jpg

MINI Cooper Countryman

I own the 2020 MINI Cooper S Countryman and have driven it over 50,000 miles - moving across the country 3 times in it and 6 trips across the US in It. I love my MINI and i'm always finding new places to explore with it.

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