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2-day Guide to Rome, Italy

A summer vacation to Italy wouldn't be complete without a trip to the capital, Roma!

Rome is full of culture, history, wine, food, and tons of tourists! I had been dreaming of visiting Rome ever since I was a little girl watching the Lizzie McGuire movie. There's something magical about a city rooted in so much history. As you make your way around the city you can feel and imagine what it was like to have roamed the streets during Roman Empire.

The cobble stone streets and golden lights make the city enchanting and warm. Plan to spend your evenings exploring the little alleys and pretending like you're in the Lizzy McGuire movie!

When to Go

Summer is the most popular time of year to visit. With the warm temperatures you'll also be accompanied by crowds of people like you've never seen before. While winter might have less crowds, it's fun to be able to wear cute dresses and get lost in such a romantic and beautiful city. Be prepared for no AC though!

Food & Drinks

The perfect drink for cooling down in the summer heat is the aperol spritz! It's a refreshing, Italian wine-based cocktail that is offered all over Italy. Save the wine for after the sun sets, and grab a glass of this orange delight during the day to cool down! I also loved that everywhere served bread and olive oil for the table; that is a meal to me!

Rome is especially known for its amazing pasta, so you won't need to search far for delicious food and wine. The espresso is also of course amazing, but make sure you're not paying more than 1 euro or so for it otherwise it's a rip off.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1

  • Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill: I recommend getting the guided tour for this attraction. There will always be some queue, but with the heat and summer crowds, it's better to save as much time where you can and buy the tickets and guide ahead of time.

  • Pantheon: It's free and close to the city center if you're staying there, so pop in for a little bit to experience some art and history.

  • Trevi Fountain: Make a wish to start your trip off right! The hardest part about visiting the fountains is the crowds, and unfortunately no matter what time of day there will always be tons of people in the summertime.

Day 2

Vatican City: Get your passports ready (not really), but you're on your way to visit the world's smallest country, and one of the richest. The Vatican is situated within Rome, Italy, and is where the famous Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica reside. The walking tour will take up half the day, so make sure to allocate enough time!

Tiber River: Walk alongside Italy's second longest river as you get lost in roma

Spanish Steps: This is another popular attraction where it's hard to avoid the crowds no matter the time, but it's definitely worth a walk-through as well. There were some lovely rooftop bars just at the top where you can enjoy views of the bustling city at night.


  1. Make sure your Airbnb or Hotel guarantees Air-conditioning, we made the mistake of not checking and it was one of our biggest regrets. Rome can get muggy and humid, so AC is a necessity.

  2. Use Uber to get around the city easily and quickly when you're in a rush!

  3. Drinking fountains are scattered all throughout the city, the water is clean and free, so make sure to hydrate and keep yourself cooled down as you explore. Drinking 2 cups of water per alcoholic drink is important, so you don't get heat exhaustion.

  4. Wear a shirt that covers your shoulders and pants or skirt that covers your knees when you visit the Vatican. They turn away people who don't meet this clothing requirement; please respect other cultures when you are traveling.

  5. Keep your purse in front of you at all times. There are lots of people who make a living by picking the pockets or grabbing items out of tourists' purses and/or backpacks. This is not exaggerated.


Hi! I'm Jackie and my dog is Sora. I work remote as an engineer, but I love to spend my free time in nature and by traveling to new places. I take my camera wherever I go, and sometimes my drone.

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