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5 Places to Fly your Drone in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes. Flying your drone is a great way to see more of the countryside and to capture your vacation from a unique perspective.

For the shots below, I use my DJI Mavic Air.

Before You Go

It's a good idea to register your drone with the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) over a month before you go. You can fill out the paperwork online after creating an account and they send you the registration forms in the mail with a sticker to put on your device. Land laws can be confusing in Ireland as many parts of the country are inhabited with farmland, so just do this as an extra precaution and to avoid any undesirable run-ins with locals if you accidentally fly somewhere you shouldn't be.

1. Killarney National Park, Ring of Kerry

There are no restrictions on flying drones in this park (we visited in 2019, so check current laws just in case), so as you drive through the ring of Kerry find some pullover spots away from other tourists and take flight.

2. Castles, wherever you can find them

Ireland is known for having tons of castles. There are so many castles scattered around this beautiful island. If you see one that's interesting, check for no-fly signs and if there are none, then go ahead and get some awesome shots! If you're staying at a castle for the night, you may even have your own helipad to take off from (like we did!).

Below is the Trim Castle, the oldest one in Ireland, and the rightside is Abbeyglen Castle Hotel.

5. Aran Islands

We visited Inis Mor for the day and opted for the bike trail around the island. As your cycling the trail, you can pull over when you find a remote spot away from other tourists and explore the incredibly historic island from above. The wind was actually quite calm and much less than i expected. I spent a good deal flying here and got some incredible shots with the weather! Try not to disturb the local cows and sheep while you're flying!

4. Kerry Cliffs and Cliffs of Moher

There was a little too much wind to fly by the Cliffs of Moher, but the weather was a bit warmer down south and I managed to catch a break in the wind and get the drone up for a shot or two. They are beautiful cliffs that contrast magnificently with the water. I did see a heavier duty, larger drone able to fly at the Cliffs of Moher; I was jealous since my mavic air surely stood no chance against the high winds. (pro-tip: check the UAV app for conditions and wind speeds for flying!)

5. Staigue Fort

Staigue Fort is a large ring fort that is thought to have been built between 300 and 400 AD as a defensive stronghold for the local king or lord. It's still kept together well and is usually pretty underpopulated with tourists. We had the site to ourselves upon driving up and there are no signs that go against flying your drone there.


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