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Granada, Spain Itinerary and Things to do

Updated: Apr 29

Granada Spain is located in the Southern Andalusia region of Spain and is surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains. It boasts unique Moorish architecture that will inspire you.

When to Go

The summers can be extremely warm and the temperatures can rest in the high 90's (Fahrenheit), especially in July and August. November through April the temperature is more in the 50s-60s. With the months in between (May-June, September-October) being relatively mild and probably more preferable. It also depends on what you're trying to do. If you want to go hiking as well as tour the city, then you'll most likely opt for one of the more mild months.

Getting There

We were staying in Malaga, Spain, so we opted for the cheaper option of taking a bus to Granada. It was around $20 roundtrip and very easy to find and use. If you're coming from the other major cities, you can take Renfe's high speed train; these are much more expensive, but worth it if you're short on time and traveling a far distance.

What to Do

Alhambra, General Life, Alcazaba: The majority of Granada's sites are contained within the Alhambra, which should not be underestimated in its size. We took almost 4 hours walking around the entire site just because of the crowds, heat, and size of the place. You'll go from one side of the palace to reach incredible views of the mountains and then find yourself walking to the other side to smell the fresh flowers in the gardens. Make sure to leave plenty of time to enjoy the site, the audio guide is also available for more history.

Explore the Streets: Each street has its own character and style, some old, some new. With every turn of the corner you'll discover new smells and see different things.

Eat tapas and Drink Beer: The tapas and beer are big part of the culture in Granada. The cervesas alhambra is a classic, smooth beer you can enjoy to cool down and freshen up.

Royal Chapel of Granada, Catedral de Granada: Visit both of these sites when you have an hour or two to spare or if you're looking to escape the heat and soak in some history.

Mirador San Nicolas: Finish off your day in Granada during the golden hour at the Mirador San Nicolas. This is where you can get that iconic, panoramic view of the Alhambra.

  1. Eat at a traditional tapas house and you'll get a free plate of tapas each time you order drinks!

  2. Use taxis to get around from far away sites. Places seem closer than they are, but with all of the hills and the heat it can quickly make you exhausted

  3. Wear comfy shoes for walking because the city is made up of huge hills and the texture of the ground is very hard on your feet. If you're wearing sandals it will be painful because of the way the cobblestone is designed.


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