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How to Turn Your Favorite Dog Photos into Custom Stickers

Updated: May 13

One of my favorite things to do with photos are to print them and hang them on my wall, but I recently started turning some of them into stickers and I love the concept! I love giving these as gifts for my friends too.

Step 1: Choose a photo you love, it doesn't matter the background because you'll be able to easily drag the subject from the photo using iOS stickers. Here are some of the photos I chose to turn into custom printed stickers! Using StickerMailer lets you drag them easily from the photo with the iOS sticker feature so you can print them without the other content in the image.

Step 2: Navigate to where you can add your custom original pictures to print. Hold down the subject in your photo and swipe up while dragging the subject into the drop box for the app and then choose your sizes! I ordered the 2inch width ones which were great!

Step 3: Print your stickers and place them anywhere! Some of my favorite spots to add custom stickers are my laptop, water bottles, camping cooler, car or cargo box! You can also do this with any photos, I just love it with the dog ones. I printed some of Sora as a puppy and some from her race photos.


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