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One Week in Spain

Spain is one of those countries that has it all. From gorgeous beaches to cities steeped in fascinating history, you can't go wrong with visiting this amazing country. Spain easily tops my list as favorite countries I've traveled to. I love the easy-going "siesta" lifestyle while also maintaining a bustling nightlife. It's the perfect combination of fun and chill, which also makes for a great vacation spot.

When to Go

Spain has great weather year-round, but summer (May-August) is one of the best times (and most popular) to visit the country. Hot, sunny days means tons of beach time and city-exploring.

Getting There

It's probably easiest to fly directly into the city of Barcelona. Alternatively, you can look up flights to the south of Spain, but I recommend starting your journey north, and then making your way down to the beach for the end.

Getting Around

We used the Renfe train service to get around, but it might actually be cheaper to fly within the country. The trains are nice because they allow you to take in the countryside views and avoid the stress of airports. If you decide to fly, beware of delays/cancellations if you use Spain's budget airline, Vueling. We had lost time on our trip due to a cancelled and then delayed flight by then from Italy to Spain.


Spain overall can be a very cheap country to travel to. We could often find pitchers of Sangria for under 8 euros, even in the more touristy areas of Barcelona, and much cheaper towards the coastal regions. Down in Malaga, our meals were often less than 20 euros for a full dinner and drinks for 2 people. The Airbnbs and hotels were about the same price and generally pretty low cost. I would estimate ~35 euros per day for food, and reserve tickets in advance for any major sites like Park Guell or the Alhambra.

Where to Go

There's no shortage of amazing cities to visit in Spain. I think it's important to visit both parts of the country to really experience the culture and lifestyle. If you only have a week, then I'd suggest spreading out your time between the cities as below:

  • Barcelona (3-4 days)

  • Madrid (0.5 days, Include as a day-trip or stop by on your way south or north)

  • Malaga (3-4 days), Include a day-trip to Granada


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