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9 Places to Fly Your Drone in Colorado

Updated: May 12

Disclaimer: The content on this blog about drone flying is for informational purposes only and may not reflect the most current legal developments. Laws and regulations regarding drone operation vary widely and change frequently. I am not liable for any legal consequences you may face due to non-compliance. Fly responsibly and respect privacy and safety regulations.

One of my favorite things about moving to Colorado is that there's no shortage of places to fly your drone! It's a huge hobby and passion of mine that I always felt deprived of living outside Washington D.C. The good news is there are way less restrictions and more open space to fly here, so the opportunities are endless!

Remember - Before you fly be sure to check DJI No-fly Zone map. You can enter the country on the right top corner, then the drone model you have. Then click the search bar and type where you want to fly. When you arrive at the trailhead you should check for any signage in case there are new restrictions.

What Gear do I use?

For all the following drone shots here and on my blog I I use the DJI Mavic Air.

1. Loveland Pass Lake, Continental Divide

Just a 50 minute drive outside of Denver, you can find this beautiful lake that looks good in every season. The views are incredible and you can drive right up to the trailhead with no dirt road, so it's easily accessible. The wind is pretty minimal in my experience, but I check wind speed with the UAV forecast app before I visit. Most people park and go look at the viewpoints or the first lake, but you can park at the lot a little bit further down for the lakes and fly there since it's always been pretty empty for me (even on weekends). I've flown here several times, and never had any issues. If you're SUP and flying, be sure to bring a dry bag so after you start your shot, you can put the controller safely in the bag.

2. Ouray, Colorado

When I first moved to Denver, I thought the mountains were breathtaking - just everywhere I looked, especially coming from the East coast. However, the real breathtaking mountains of Colorado are located in Ouray and Telluride. The town is even referred to as the "Switzerland of America" for this reason. Because of this, I 100% recommend taking your drone for some epic footage across incredible landscapes. Literally

3.  Black Powder Pass Hike

This hike is one of my favorites! It was one of the first few hikes I did with my dog when I had first moved to Colorado in the pandemic. I love how wide open it is once you get (no trees to avoid!) and how it offers panoramic views of the continental divide. This is the perfect place for circle drone shot and boomerang shots! You may have to wait for people to get out of your shot but it's worth it.

4. Denver and Golden

Mt. Galbraith: I flew my drone here a couple of times just because of how scenic it was, and also empty. This is another good place to get in some practice while hiking since it's in Golden, so just 20 minutes outside of Denver.

Green Mountain: This trail is a super accessible and easy hike for a weekday since it's only 15 minutes outside of Denver. The views are actually pretty beautiful because you're on a very open trail with a scenic backdrop of mountain-scapes in the distance. You're not near an airport and the trail is virtually empty on weekdays, with the occasional mountain biker or trail runner. It's so large though that you have a good amount of space to yourself. I recommend here to practice flying since it's so close and safe to fly at.

Inspiration Point Park: I lived around this park for a few weeks between leases so flew a few times after work. This park is virtually always empty besides some locals here and there. However, you get gorgeous views of both the mountains and the city of Denver.

5. Kenosha Pass

If you're looking for fall foliage, it's tricky in Colorado but out near Kenosha pass is usually a safe bet. They're pretty beautiful and flying above them is something else. When I went a few years back, I parked on the side of the road in Kenosha Pass and launched from there, since the parking lots were packed full.

6. Twin Lakes

I love coming here because it's usually pretty empty - summer or winter, there's tons of space to spread out; please be sure to respect others' privacy and fly when you're not around others. It's also really nice to see the two giant mountains behind the lake which separate you from Aspen. I haven't flown in independence pass, but that is likely a good spot as well when it's open during the summer months.

7. Dominguez Canyon in Grand Junction

This is one of my absolute favorite hiking trails! It's flat, easy, long, and diverse. There's lots of water holes along the route and it's pretty quiet and empty. This is not a national park, so flying is pretty straightforward, you can even do dispersed camping here. It isn't too windy and the temperatures are generally warm in the spring and even hotter in the summer.

8. Idaho Springs

I love how scenic the creek is that runs parallel with I-70. I never took my drone out in the summer because I was so busy, but I made an effort to stop for some footage while on a snowy drive back to Denver. Be sure you're not flying anywhere that says "private property" and you should be good to go to film a some of the beautiful river flowing (or frozen). Herman Gulch trail was another place I enjoyed flying at; about an hour or so into the hike there is a beautiful pass/opening where you get sweeping views of the mountains.

9. Steamboat Springs, Fish Creek Falls

There's no national parks around this area, but lots of scenery. In the winter there's hardly anyone around at Fish Creek Falls. I wouldn't recommend flying when others are around though, please be respectful of them enjoying nature! Try to wait until they're out of sight then go ahead and get your shot!


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