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Best Places to Fly your Drone in Washington State

Updated: Apr 29

I have been flying for about 7 years now, it's one of my favorite ways to explore a scenery. Check out some of the best places to fly drones and leave a comment if you have any other places you love to fly!

Disclaimer: The content on this blog about drone flying is for informational purposes only and may not reflect the most current legal developments. Laws and regulations regarding drone operation vary widely and change frequently. I am not liable for any legal consequences you may face due to non-compliance. Fly responsibly and respect privacy and safety regulations.

What Gear do I use?

For all the following drone shots here and on my blog I I use the DJI Mavic Air.

Mt Baker & Artist Point

This is my favorite spot in Washington for every season. It's absolutely magical in the winter when there's a good snowpack, and the summer the flowers are out and it's so green. The views are panoramic, which are some of my favorite for drone circle shots!

This is on Ptarmigan trail, about ~6 miles in towards Mt. Baker. You gotta work for this one under the heat, but it's so worth it!

I also love snowshoeing at Artist Point. I took this around March after there was a decent amount of snow. I went too early one season and the views were nowhere near as beautiful and powdery. I made my partner do the kiss in the winter and summer. He was way too cold in the winter to get into it! haha

I took this one at the lake near Picture Lake; just across the street. Picture lake has way too many people and you don't want to disrupt their enjoyment of the view while flying your drone.

Gold Creek Pond

This place is heavily trafficked for photographers and others, but it's pretty calm on weeknights when the sun doesn't set until 10pm. It's also just a gorgeous place to relax for an afternoon, somewhere scenic without having to hike. You can drive right up to the lake and park nearby.

High Steel Bridge

This is super easy to access, about an hour and 15 south of Seattle. It's a great place to stop on your way towards a destination as it's a pretty quick stop off the road. It's safe and easy to walk across, just be careful with cars passing by.


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