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Planning a Trip to Ireland

Ireland has become a popular destination this past year and for a good reason. The country has endless rolling green hills and dramatic cliffsides. It is incredibly safe and the people are some of the warmest and kindest you'll meet in the world.

When to Go

Spring and summer is the best time of year to visit. Crowds are much lower in Spring, but summer will have warmer temperatures. We enjoyed traveling in May because it was cool enough for jeans and a light sweater; I was able to wear a dress one of the days as well. The temperatures in mid-May stayed within the 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Ireland is to fly directly into Dublin. If you're traveling back to the United States, don't forget to arrive over 3 hours early for your flight since Ireland is one of the only countries in Europe that do U.S. customs in Ireland (as opposed to when you land back in the US).

Getting Around

The best way to travel in Ireland is by car. The public transportation can take you from city to city, but to see the hidden gems of this country it is highly recommended to rent a car. Driving on the other side of the road takes a little adjusting, but as you get out to the countryside there are hardly any other cars on the road. Try to get a hybrid to save on gas money too, since the cost of gas is a little higher over in Ireland than in the states.


Where you choose to sleep while traveling to Ireland can really define your trip and overall experience of the culture. From feeling like royalty in a luxurious castle hotel, to staying in a quaint Bed and Breakfast tucked away in a remote countryside village. During our stay we managed to sought out a variety of accommodations: Airbnbs, B&Bs, Hotels, and a Castle. Our favorite place we stayed was a quaint Airbnb located on the Northern Irish coast; we had our own view of the ocean and a herd of cows to watch as we sipped our wine at sunset. Try to stay in the mountains, in the city, and by the coast while you're there.

Where to Go

There's no shortage of sites to see in Ireland. Whether you're searching for a cliffside view of the ocean or castle to explore history, you can find it in Ireland; sometimes even both! We planned our trip pretty extensively at a faster pace than most, but we managed to make it around the entire country in 10 days, seeing almost everything we came to Ireland to see. See my other post for a more detailed day-by-day itinerary.

  • Cliffs of Moher

  • Aran Islands

  • Killarney National Park

  • Blarney Castle and Stone

  • Connemara National Park

  • Skellig Michael

  • Kerry Cliffs

  • Giant's Causeway

  • National Trust Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge

  • Kinbane Castle

  • Rock of Cashel


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