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Weekend in Victoria BC

Victoria BC is situated on Vancouver Island. It is known for being the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest and named after Queen Victoria. It's right on the water, so there's no shortage of beautiful views.

Victoria BC summertime

When to Go

Ideally you should try and visit in the summertime. The warmer temperatures make for a more enjoyable trip. I've visited during July and August and always had lovely weather both times. The flowers were in bloom in July and August had some lavender too.

Getting to Victoria BC Canada

Vancouver island is located Northwest of Seattle, WA. If you're not flying directly to the island and you're coming from the mainland, then you can take a ferry. There's the "clipper" that runs from downtown Seattle which is a great option if you're not planning to bring your car for the weekend. I usually drive to Port Angeles and take the Black Ball Ferry. Dont forget your passport as customs will be checking of course.

It is expensive for driving and passengers, but it is what it is. You must book this in advance for a car reservation as they can fill up for the summertime. I booked a few months in advance for July sailing.

Where to Stay: pet-friendly accommodations

If you have a car you can rent an airbnb outside the main city area, but if you only have a weekend, you should try and stay more central to save on time. Parking might be hard so try to find a hotel that has parking included or on-site. Hotel Grand Pacific is perfectly central and affordable if you have your dog coming! It's only ~$36 USD ($50 CAD) per accommodation/week for pets, and they don't specify a limit on number of pets to bring. Parking also is relatively affordable here. I didn't have a great experience using Airbnbs in Victoria last time, so I would just go with hotels for ease and reliability. If you're looking for a more bougie experience (that's also pet-friendly) then check out the Fairmont Empress hotel.

Things to Do

I love just spending time outside and taking the day as it comes while im here. It's a city where time feels like it's slowing down and you dont have to be rushed anywhere. There's so much great shopping and coffee places to check out while you're walking around, so do yourself a favor and don't overplan your trip here!

Tea at the Empress Hotel

Make reservations ahead of time! The food was delicious and we enjoyed the aesthetic and buying some teas after our meals.

Butchart Gardens

With over 55 acres to explore, this is one of my favorite dog-friendly attractions! You'll need to drive here as it's not located In the city limits, but it's so worth it. I've been to gardens all over the world in Japan, England, etc. and this one blew me away. They had all kinds of biodiversity, unique flowers, Italian gardens and Japanese style gardens with shrines built in too. This was the perfect place to take my mom while she was visiting me in Washington. We spent about 2-3 hours walking around and taking photos. Peak is in the spring in early May, but we went in July and it was still gorgeous! It does cost money, but it's so worth it if you haven't been. I really enjoyed the giftshop at the end too!

Beacon Hill Park

This park is really neat. I recommend grabbing a coffee and spending your morning here before your ferry home. This is also where the Victoria half marathon race takes place. It's a large park full of all kinds of animals. When we were here there was a giant peacock that got loose and was in the middle of the road. My dog definitely went crazy for all the farm smells!

Chinatown & Other eats

This is the oldest chinatown in all of Canada, which is pretty cool. We also had to get poutine of course! If you're in Victoria and wanting to try the local cuisine, you should absolutely take a walk through these alleyways.

Day trip to Tofino

I haven't done this, but it's been on my list for a long time. It's hard to get a reservation to stay here, but this beach and recreation area is stunning. If you have the time, make the trip and check it out!


Hi! I'm Jackie and my dog is Sora. I work remote as an engineer, but I love to spend my free time in nature and by traveling to new places. I take my camera wherever I go, and sometimes my drone.

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