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Creating the Perfect Home Workspace

There's no place like home, especially when it comes to my work-space comforts. Even if you're not super into tech, you can still get a lot out of having a productive and strong home office. Traveling a lot usually means you collect tons of pictures and videos, so having a convenient and reliable way to store and interact with that data is important.

I recommend building out a PC for your home (it's much more affordable and powerful than a Mac) and you can put in as much storage as you want! I opted for buying an 8TB drive (which is more than enough for anyone) because I take lots of 4K videos on my drone, GoPro, and Sony camera. I wanted a machine powerful enough for video-editing and flexible enough for me to add or remove parts, as needed.

Everyone has varying taste, but here are some of the ways I created my minimalist workspace. 

1. Selecting Your Monitor(s) Layout

At work we love the double monitor layout; it boosts productivity, but at home we may not have space for such. I opted for the single monitor layout for my personal desk at home. On the other hand, my boyfriend has the double monitor layout where he has one of his monitors horizontal and the other vertical; this will also save space! I chose my monitor because of the resolution, size, ratings, and overall minimalist look.

2. Building a PC

This sounds super intimating at first, but in the end you can save a lot of money by building your own PC. I'm not one for recommending Apple products because of the cost to performance ratio. You can get a powerful PC at an affordable price. After you build the PC you can tuck it on a shelf nearby or elsewhere and keep your desk nice and free. I recommend using a smaller PC case for this. My boyfriend and I keep our PCs on a shelf beside each other and I run a cord along the carpet to my monitor. There are tons of guides online and instructions for putting these pieces all together; it can be a super rewarding project! Feel free to drop a comment or submit a message on my Contact Me page and I'd love to help! Below are the items I used for my PC build: the SSD, RAM, CPU, Case, Motherboard, 8TB Hard drive, Graphics Card, and Power Supply.

3. Design your Mechanical Keyboard

I love the sensation and feeling of typing on the perfect keyboard. It actually adds extreme value to the feel of my workspace. If you like the feel of mechanical keyboards, but not the sound, then you can always purchase silencers for the keys. I've got here below my personal keyboard. Feel free to choose colors that express you. The endless world of mechanical keyboards is awaiting you.

4. Choose your Desk and Chair

This is all going to depend on how much free space you have available in your home. I live in a one bedroom, 650-square foot apartment with my boyfriend, so we don't have much space. I purchased this minimalist desk from Wayfair; it's unfinished wood which leaves my desk feeling like a blank page to boost creativity. I chose this chair because it matched some of the others in our apartment and it is adorable!

5. Add a Few of your Favorite Things

Less is more when it comes to your workspace. If you do a lot of writing or journaling here, then you'll want to leave plenty of space for that. Here are the items I have on my desk. I have an artificial plant, a pen holder, a candle, a Q&A journal, a picture frame, and my Hobonichi Techo daily planner.

After all the research and money, you are left with a comfortable and productive workspace that enables your passions to be continued.


Hi! I'm Jackie and my dog is Sora. I work remote as an engineer, but I love to spend my free time in nature and by traveling to new places. I take my camera wherever I go, and sometimes my drone.

Somewhere With Sora is a Seattle-based lifestyle and travel blog that provides helpful travel and adventure tips for all kinds of trips, with or without the dogs.

Let me help you plan your next trip!

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