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Staying the night in a Castle in Ireland: Abbeyglen Castle

Ireland has no shortage of castles and there are quite a few you can stay in and feel like royalty! It was a dream of ours to spend a night in castle because it's just not something you can authentically do back in the states. Finding a castle hotel can be difficult at first if you don't know where you're staying. The best thing to do is have a route planned out, and then search each general area for a castle hotel in your price range.

After tons of research, we decided to stay at the lovely Abbeyglen Castle hotel in Clifden, Ireland.

We checked in during the late afternoon after a long hike in Connemara National Park, about a 20 minute drive from the hotel. They designed the rooms in such a way that it not only took us back in time, but also comforted us with modern features and amenities.

After showering and cleaning up, we headed out to the grounds and took the drone up for some awesome pictures of the surrounding landscape and castle. As you can see, the rolling green hills stretch far and wide and the remoteness of the castle added to the authenticity of our experience.

At around six thirty in the afternoon, they called everyone in for complimentary bottomless champagne to enjoy before dinner serving at seven. We got to sip champagne, meet other travelers and share stories about our travels through Ireland. For dinner, we enjoyed a delicious salmon and bottle of red wine as we looked out at the sunset.

After dinner, we wanted to explore more. We walked around the castle, looking at

the different rooms and went for a walk around the grounds at night. Outside of the castle there was a hill that lets you view the entire town of Clifden at night! It looked like it was tucked between the trees and mountains.

All in all, our castle experience was everything we imagined it would be and more! If you're traveling to the beautiful country of Ireland, then you should definitely add staying in a castle to your bucket list!


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